Russian Roads made smarter with reliable and dedicated information system

Axis IP cameras – an integral part of the video system for PCC road information system

“Minimax-94 launches its own innovative solutions that consider the specific features of Russian roads and climate, market context and customer requirements for over 20 years. We also keep to this strategy when selecting hardware for our solutions. Axis cameras fully comply with all our requirements to image capture and transmission, light sensitivity and operation in harsh weather conditions.” Razzhivin Sergey Viktorovich, executive director of Minimax-94.


The advanced traffic management of highways, streets and other highway facilities is absolutely impossible without a reliable and dedicated information system. This system records weather conditions along the route and on the road surface, provides video surveillance, measures traffic intensity and carries out traffic analysis. It then processes the collected data and displays it in a proper format for highway officials and drivers, prompts the decision makers and forecasts the possible scenarios.


The software solution “Production Control Center” (PCC) with integrated automatic road weather stations developed by Minimax-94 uses sensors to collect all the data necessary for dedicated services AND has been installed along Russian roads and highways. Since monitoring the weather conditions at every section of the highway is impossible without auxiliary hardware due to the long mileage of the traffic system, apart from weather sensors each weather station is equipped with an Axis solution. Currently, AXIS P1364 Network Camera forms the core of this system.


The video system, which is a part of the weather system, is used for direct visual inspection of the road, as well as monitoring the performance of the road crews and collecting up-to-date information about the weather at certain sections of the road. Today, the company has implemented about 2000 video systems on both federal and regional highways.

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