Here’s to new possibilities in retail!

From network cameras to IP speakers to video analytics, Kappy’s Fine Wine & Spirits embraces an IoT world for stronger security and new opportunities

“Since we’ve partnered up with Axis Communications, we’ve definitely increased the quality of our cameras, their capabilities and offsite viewing quite a bit. The entire Axis security solution is very intuitive and an instrumental business tool.” Scott Moore, Owner, Kappy’s Fine Wine & Spirits.


As a prominent beverage retailer with 12 stores throughout Massachusetts, Kappy’s Fine Wine & Spirits takes pride in its pristine stores, up-scale environments and innovative outlook. To monitor inventory and reduce shrink, Kappy’s needed a modern surveillance system. Dedicated to expanding the business, Kappy’s sought a scalable solution that would provide peace of mind for the safety of their customers, employees and assets while gathering actionable business data.


Seeking advice from RGBS/ALSI, an Axis partner, Kappy’s turned to an Axis surveillance system. With high-resolution Axis network cameras, AXIS Camera Station video management software and a custom-built network video recorder (NVR) — ownership can efficiently view, record, store and manage video across multiple locations. RGBS/ALSI also selected Axis network speakers for easy management of the background music with less hardware than that of a traditional audio solution. Rounding out the system, Kappy’s is currently integrating AXIS People Counter and AXIS Queue Monitor with specific cameras in Fall River, MA to explore the business opportunities with video analytics.


One of the most notable advantages to the install is the intangible feeling of security that it has endowed. The system provides crystal-clear video quality to answer a wide range of internal and external business questions: How was a product display knocked down overnight? Who is coming in? When are customers coming in? Where are the high traffic areas? The list is endless, but the answers are there for Kappy’s with its 24/7 intelligent surveillance solution.

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