Cable manufacturing under a microscope

Cameras installed at the LEONI plant monitor operation and warehouse activities. Losses were reduced down to zero.

“It is interesting that any time something is stolen the camera is looking the other way. Now this is impossible thanks to the connection of Axis cameras with the door security system. When any door emits a signal that indicates a door is open when it should not be, the camera immediately turns towards the door and monitors the action.” Michal Slezák, Supply Chain Manager, LEONI.


The Slovakian company LEONI is a manufacturer of cable and cable sets used in various industries and in consumer electronics. LEONI manufactures almost any cable based on customer requirements, for example, special cables for auto production. Copper, the main material necessary for the production of cables, is a highly desirable material also outside of our company. Copper losses occurring in the past were rather significant, and therefore the need to increase security has become apparent. The plant, which produces cables and cable harnesses/sets in Ilava, had to be equipped with a camera system that completely covers the inner and outer warehouse areas, including vehicle inspection and operational areas. No single blind spot, which could be used by thieves to move copper material out of the factory, was allowed.


MMS Servis designed and assembled a complete system overseeing the perimeter and inside areas using approximately 130 Axis IP cameras of various types and models. MMS service also connected IP cameras with the warehouse security system, including a movement detection system. All hall entry doors/gates are connected to the camera system as well. When the door opens, the camera automatically focuses on the door and no one can therefore enter without being recorded. The entire building is secured.


The result was immediate. A large screen visible to all incoming persons was installed at the entry gate, and since the deployment of the system LEONI has not had any single material theft. The installation of the camera system was clearly a successful move, which lowered loss and gave LEONI a quick return on investment thanks to the elimination of its losses. In addition, the management is considering the use of cameras to read license plates of all entering vehicles and create an automatic database. Until now this has been done by the plant security officer, who uses an electronic database where individual vehicles and drivers may be searched for, but an automated IP camera system shall further streamline this task in the future.

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