AXIS Companion Bullet mini LE at the Villa Sostaga Boutique Hotel… rooms with a view!

How to respond to the multiple challenges of handling lighting conditions, effectiveness, discretion and ease of use

“I see much more and better than before, can easily manage any lighting variations and offer my guests maximum security with discretion.” Francesco Seresina, owner of the Villa Sostaga Boutique Hotel.


“The philosophy that inspired our Villa Sostaga Boutique Hotel is the desire to create a family environment that makes our guests feel at home and not in the anonymity of a hotel, but without sacrificing the comforts and the elegance intrinsic of a refined 4-star hotel on Lake Garda,” explains Francesco Seresina, owner of Villa Sostaga. “It’s clear that having an effective, yet at the same time discreet, surveillance system is a fundamental element for ensuring our guests the opportunity to relax without feeling they are being observed,” he continues. “The Villa was already equipped with a surveillance system, but it was analog and no longer functioning. In addition, the lakefront cameras were unable to handle strong backlight conditions, and those in the parking lot were blinded by car headlights, and so we felt it necessary to replace them.”


To meet the client’s requirements, Emanuele Piccini from System-i, an Axis partner and AXIS Companion Specialist, proposed a solution consisting of 6 AXIS Companion Bullet mini LE cameras, two AXIS Companion Recorders and AXIS Companion video management software.


“We’re sure we’ve found the answer to our requirements and were impressed by the solution’s simplicity of operation, which offers all the flexibility we need to let us concentrate more on our job – making our guests feel at home,” said Seresina.

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