Axis cameras monitor small aircraft routes in Croatia

Croatian broadcasting company OIV uses its antenna towers for video monitoring of flight corridors

“Axis cameras are solid, robust, and reliable. Nevertheless, it sometimes happens that we need to go up and fix a problem, especially when the weather conditions are extreme. It once happened that after seven days of strong winds and snow, we needed to fix a frozen PTZ dome.” Mihael Ilić, Head of Optical Infrastructure and Transmission Networks Department, OIV.


OIV provides national TV and radio broadcasting services in Croatia, including the transmission of all national Croatian TV and radio stations as well as most regional and local TV stations. The initial idea behind the company’s new project was simple: In addition to providing terrestrial broadcasting, the dense network of antenna towers could serve the additional purpose of monitoring the air routes of small aircraft. Cooperation with Croatia Control, a provider of aeronautical information and meteorological and surveillance services, was established on the grounds that real-time information about current meteorological conditions is essential to ensure aviation safety. The IP cameras were determined to be the best solution due to OIV’s own transmission network.


OIV decided to use 3 types of Axis network cameras in the system: AXIS Q6115-E PTZ, AXIS Q6045-E MK II PTZ, and AXIS Q6055-E PTZ. Pan-tilt-zoom was important due to the need for wide-area coverage and the ability to zoom in with great detail using a single camera. The high image quality, durability, and reliability of the Axis cameras is extraordinary, especially at high altitudes: the altitude of one of the locations, Licka Pljesivica, is over 1,500 meters above sea level. On the other hand, small airplanes operate at relatively low altitudes (500–600 m) in comparison with other aircraft, which means pilots have access to 4G mobile signals and real-time images on the Croatia Control website.


Cooperation with Croatia Control has been a success. Providing pilots with more detailed information about their routes helps prevent plane crashes, and other steps are being taken to further improve aviation safety. Recently, a new project was launched for the construction of a multipurpose antenna tower at Ilin Vrh, Konavle, which will include a surveillance system and electronic communications equipment. The effective and efficient use of the antenna towers has encouraged other organizations to take advantage of the features of IP cameras.

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