Watching the road

Innovative use of video surveillance increases safety and reduces the environmental impact of Elis' fleet

“With this great system I am in continuous and effective control of my vehicles and drivers at all times.” Peter Kelly, Group Transport Compliance and Optimisation Manager, Elis.


Elis, formerly known as Berendsen, is one of the largest operators of linen and textile services in Europe, supplying everything from heavy duty workwear and hospital garments to bedding for luxury hospitality services and washroom products. To support its 750-strong fleet of heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) and light commercial vehicles (LCVs), Elis' vehicle fleet managers wanted to improve the company’s environmental footprint while also increasing its road safety record, which, it was hoped would result in a reduced number of false insurance claims against its employees. It planned to achieve this by utilising intelligent video and telematics data to enhance driver training, providing personalized feedback on conduct such as excessive acceleration and braking, as well as road incidents.


Working with Axis partner ICanProve.IT, Elis has combined an award-winning telematics system with integrated video feeds that can record a full 360 degree view of the exterior and interior of vehicles at all times. ICanProve.IT installed AXIS F44 and AXIS F41 Main Unit rugged network video systems into the cab of 550 vehicles, with a mixture of wide-angle cameras including AXIS F1005-E and AXIS F1035 HD fisheye lenses. The innovative set-up also provides two-way audio capability and enough local storage for a month of video footage.


The video enhances telematics data with visual information about driver behaviour. This has enabled Elis to increase the safety and enhance the fuel efficiency of its fleet with crude measures around braking and acceleration now being explored in context to improve feedback to drivers. Conduct that either increases fuel consumption or was considered unsafe is being eradicated, with the installation resulting in a 12.7% increase in fuel efficiency across the fleet, and a decrease in driving related incidents by 58%. Drivers, meanwhile, welcome the new system because they can rely on the intelligence it provides to prove fault in the case of accidents or items taken during the loading or unloading of their vehicle.

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