Protecting children by restricting access

Berlin daycare center saves time and increases security with an access control solution

“Thanks to the access control solution, we have more control over who enters and exits our daycare center. We were also able to simplify processes and can now see which employees and children are at Villa Milla at any given moment with just a few clicks. The daily data also serves as the basis for our planning of work shifts and lunches. This gives our employees more time to look after the children – something that benefits everyone.” Bastian Schmidt, CEO of FamilyandCare GmbH.


The “Villa Milla” daycare center, part of FamilyandCare GmbH, in the Lichtenberg borough of Berlin was founded in 2016, and currently cares for about 130 children with 36 teachers and childcare workers. To ensure that the children are kept safe, the organization is obliged to make sure that the children only enter and leave the daycare center in the company of a trusted adult. To enable this logistically while at the same time optimizing work processes, CEO Bastian Schmidt began looking for an access control solution at the end of 2017.


Access control and attendance checks are fundamental for childcare facilities like the Berlin daycare center. After experiencing a number of break-ins shortly after opening the facility, FamilyandCare decided to install additional Axis cameras both indoors and outdoors. Because of his positive experiences with network cameras, Bastian Schmidt chose an access control system consisting of AXIS A1001 Network Door Controller, AXIS A4011-E Reader, and IDODI “Entrance- Manager” software at the end of 2017.


The access control solution has been in use at the Berlin daycare center since early 2018, enabling CEO Bastian Schmidt to collect accurate data on the presence of the employees and the children they supervise. The data can then be transmitted to the responsible controllers. In addition, he can use the data to organize shift planning and optimize internal processes such as meal planning.

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