Virtual gatehouse with real savings

By changing its traditional gatehouse to a virtual one, Rede Bandeirantes saved US$ 180,000 per year

“The cost was low compared to the biggest benefit, which is security and safety in every sense of the words. With the operational savings, we have been able to re-channel resources toward investments elsewhere—including more IP cameras.” Willian de Souza, WZS Solutions consultant and security manager at Rede Bandeirantes.


Rede Bandeirantes is responsible for broadcasting radio, Internet and television programming on air, 24 hours a day. It includes more than 40 companies integrated into highly diversified communication platforms. At its headquarters in São Paulo, where its TV programs are recorded, people come and go at a hurried pace. And the gatehouse service was handled by security guards day and night, 7 days a week. They also identified and released all vehicles (light and heavy) by radio, which took about 3 minutes.


To provide greater security and speed, an automated concierge project was developed. The project, which was overseen by Rede Bandeirantes’ security manager, was installed by integrator JL Imagem, using AXIS A8105-E Network Video Door Station and AXIS M3105-LVE Network Cameras. The Axis products are integrated with Mirasys Enterprise video management software version 7.5.


The solution decreased the time to authorize entry from 3 minutes to 30 seconds. Now, there are no guards subject to threats from criminals, since the employees stay in a remote security center protected by an access control system, while visitors remain in an airlock awaiting authorization. In addition, the system has yielded US$ 180,000 in savings each year.

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