Secure perimeter for Villa Dobrusa estate and vineyard

Professional monitoring with Axis solution

“As with all of the improvements Crama AVINCIS has made, from façade refurbishing to the complete rebuilding of the wine cellar equipment, we invest only in the best materials. That is why we chose an Axis solution, which is easy to use, professional, and deployed by a trusted partner, Amis Telecom.” Gheorghe Lixandru, Director of Crama AVINCIS.


In need of enhanced security and the possibility to remotely monitor the Crama AVINCIS estate, inside and out, the owners decided to deploy a complete surveillance solution to help resurrected the local wine tradition.


Villa Dobruşa and its vineyard cover a rather large area. To improve security, Crama AVINCIS needed a professional surveillance solution capable of surveying the wine cellar, the annexed buildings, the family house and their surroundings. The Crama AVINCIS management selected a system that includes 34 surveillance cameras and an NVR AXIS Camera Station S1032 Mk II to store the recordings. Outside cameras were used for the larger part of the deployment, as they are resilient against shock, low temperatures and corrosive environments. Cameras equipped with varifocal lens were needed, as they have zoom and remote focus options, as well as large angle coverage, performant IR sensors, and are resilient in high humidity and low temperatures.


Choosing the Axis solution, Crama AVINCIS achieved a perfect tool for efficient, remote monitoring of important spaces and perimeters. The selected cameras and the option for distance management provide valuable help in establishing a prevention system that allows fast responses to potential security breaches. As a secondary advantage, the Axis solutions is fully scalable for future system developments.

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