Mixed spaces, different answers

The Hayuelos shopping center redesigned its entire video surveillance system using 15 different camera models—one for each need—as it prepared to celebrate 10 years of operation

“The technologies that are being implemented nowadays throughout the world made us want to migrate to Axis, so we could enjoy the best developments in terms of video analysis, IP communication, and image quality.” Nelson Bueno, Operations Manager of the Hayuelos Shopping and Business Center.


With its mixture of stores and offices, the Hayuelos Shopping and Business Center has become one of the main shopping and business hubs in the Colombian capital. Its concept also integrates public spaces and four conference and event halls. It has a movie theater, a supermarket, go-kart track, and almost 2,000 parking spaces. However, the analog video surveillance system installed at its opening was notcapable of responding to its growing needs, nor did it meet the security and control challenges that arise each day at this establishment, which receives more than 1 million visitors on average per month.


G4S, an Axis partner, was the integrator selected to design and implement the project. After the demo stage, with support from different brands, it was decided to implement a complete solution consisting of 166 Axis cameras, representing 15 different models. The variety of models reflects the specific needs of each space within the 120,000 square meter shopping center. The most vulnerable areas in this mixed space were prioritized: for example, access doors (AXIS P1428-E Network Cameras, bullet models with 4K resolution offering a high level of image detail of people entering the mall) and parking areas (equipped with AXIS P1425-LE, with integrated infrared). The cameras are connected to the Milestone XProtect® VMS software for image viewing and recording.


Many aspects of this project translate into savings. Each of the panoramic cameras installed in the parking lot, for example, replaced four conventional cameras (and thus four times less wiring, installation costs, and even software licenses). Additionally, the implementation did not create a major impact in terms of construction work: all camera models are PoE, which was facilitated by using the existing wiring. This IP feature resulted in cost savings and a minimal impact on the facilities.

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