Cutting-edge IP video surveillance technologies provides a tangible response for food defense at S.F.C agricultural cooperative

Axis and partners help member of the Melinda consortium to create a safe environment for apple storage and protect against theft, vandalism or food contamination

“ hanks to the new security system, we are able to assure the safety of the final product throughout the supply chain, especially at the more sensitive points, such as the storage sites. We particularly appreciated the high image quality and zoom of cameras able to monitor the sites in all weather and lighting conditions.” Tiziano Menapace, Melinda Consortium S.F.C. plant manager.


The Melinda Consortium has always guaranteed consumers product safety and homogeneity through technical choices of an agronomic nature, harvesting and preservation methods, and the selection and packing standards rigorously observed in each phase of the production process. The apple must thus be protected, not just from theft, but also from vandalism or other actions that could damage the quality and compromise the brand’s reputation.


The solution proposed by Axis Communications and its partners Axitea, Milestone and TechnoAware integrates IP cameras, access control systems and sensors with video management software (VMS) and a video analysis system, with operations center supervision, to ensure control of the various areas in all weather and lighting conditions and to provide prompt and appropriate responses to any type of event.


The system has allowed keeping the Melinda Consortium S.F.C. storage site under control and ensuring the quality of the final product, a problem of which companies working in the food & beverage sector are increasingly aware. Thanks to the solution adopted, S.F.C. has been able to protect its product not only from potential malicious activity, but also from accidents, which could damage the quality and also have negative for the Melinda brand effects in terms of reputation.

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