Axis cameras support professional tennis players with diagnostics and broadcasting

Vista Sport uses Axis cameras for the recording and live broadcasting of tennis matches and training sessions

“We decided to select the Axis cameras because they have proven their robustness, wide viewing angle, and they also come with interesting add-on software.” Miloš Táborský of Vista Sport.


Tennis is a sport that attracts around 18 million athletes worldwide and is ranked fourth in the global sports ranking. There are over 74,000 registered players in the Czech Republic, and the number of fans is continuously increasing. Vista Sport has been among them for already several years. It has long been specialized in the use of modern technology in sports, especially in tennis. The lack of tennis match recordings (which are very often only limited to players with a certain level of performance) and the problematic approach to their acquisition have then brought Vista Sport to its own project: recording of matches and broadcasting them over the Internet.


Vista Sport needed a hardware and software solution that would allow tennis matches to be uploaded, utilize recordings during video coaching and analysis, and also broadcast high-quality tournament matches on the Internet. The requirement was both a wide viewing angle and remotely controlled zoom and focus. The solution rests in the Axis cameras along with CamStreamer and CamOverlay applications that allow live Internet broadcasting with graphics displayed as the current score.


Vista Sport has established a partnership with Hamr Sport, which offers players of all categories the opportunity to play on its so-called diagnostic court in two of its premises. At this facility, the tennis players and coaches can use recordings from several Axis cameras to analyse games and provide coaching or just to “share” their games with other players or fans. The number of tournament organisers, sports clubs, and players themselves interested in the services provided by Vista Sport continuously increases. The satisfied customers include, for example, Kateřina Siniaková, Petr Nouza (in 2017, he moved from his ATP rank of 2031 to 712) or fed cup team coach Petr Pála.

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