Axis fits global leader Glory League with network cameras

Glory League can now record amateur basketball video on demand for games across New Zealand, Australia and the United States

“Our main issue was getting a high-quality camera with strong Product support that just did the job. Axis Communications provided us with a sturdy solution and ongoing support from a wide reseller network.” Louis Gordon-Latty, Chief Product Officer, Glory League.


Glory League is a New Zealand based global business that has developed a world first basketball video engagement platform, offering everyday players the ability to watch and share their full game video and highlight reels. The video experience zooms and follows the game like a professional camera operator, which is achieved by the virtual cameraman technology that Glory League developed. Due to the reliance on high-quality video footage, Glory League required reliable video cameras that were programmable to provide video output needed to run the virtual cameraman software. Having previously tried cheaper alternatives, Glory League approached Axis Communications with the challenge, and are now utilising Axis products, providing superior reliability, performance and programmability for their solution.


Axis supplied Glory League with a range of cameras, including AXIS M3106-L Mk II, AXIS P1428-E, AXIS Q1615 Mk II and AXIS M1145 Network Cameras. With Glory League having to fit the cameras to various stadiums and courts, the basketball streamer required separate camera specifications and mountings based on the individual needs of each customer. AXIS M1145, which made up the majority of Glory League’s product order, is a compact and affordable fixed camera providing high definition video streaming, day and night functionality and multiple video stream options that can be individually optimized for bandwidth and storage efficiency. Most importantly, all Axis products offered reliable integration software, high FPS video streaming and ease-of-installation, a priority for the Glory League team.


The Glory League solution provides basketball teams, leagues and governing bodies with an automatically generated game video and highlights solution, which has revolutionised the game for basketball League owners and their communities of players, parents, referees, and coaches. With exceptional manoeuvrability, image quality, sturdiness and, compatibility, Axis network cameras appealed to Glory League. As Glory League expands internationally to fit further basketball stadiums with its solution, Axis is providing ongoing product support, ultimately ensuring that Glory League spends less time carrying out installation, and more time providing customers with the best experience possible.

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