Coatzacoalcos Integral Port Administration optimizes its security by 90%

IP video surveillance technologies from Axis far exceeded the Administration’s expectations by improving ongoing business and security challenges

“With all the experiences that we have had with video surveillance systems, Axis has been the best option. It provides sharp and clear images which are important to improve the port’s security. And their devices keep working after many years of operating under extreme conditions 24-hours, 365-days per year.” Ovidio Noval Nicolau, General Director of the Coatzacoalcos Integral Port Administration.


Coatzacoalcos Integral Port Authority (API) is a government organization servicing the daily shipping demands of importers, exporters and shipping lines coming through the Gulf of Mexico into Veracruz. Coatzacoalcos port is composed of two port areas. The Coatzacoalcos area has 11 docking positions, 9 border patrol holds, 14 private terminals and 4 companies dedicated to intermodal operations. The Pajaritos port area has 18 docking positions operated by 3 companies. On a typical day, API manages the traffic flow for 350 federal vessels, 250 vehicles, 800 people and many private vessels through three security checkpoints and ongoing freight monitoring at border patrol. With, an average of 3 logistics and operations complaints Daily and a number of surveillance challenges, API’s old analog system was no longer effective.


The organization needed to migrate to a new, scalable solution to expand its range of security coverage and manage the traffic flow of people, vessels and vehicles in the port area. API also sought for a proactive solution to protect its employees inside the port facilities and bring immediate attention to accidents and potential dangers. With all this in mind, API turned to intelligent, IP surveillance solutions.


The deployment of IP cameras provided efficient 24/7 monitoring that maximized security operations by 90%. The solution also helped API systematize traffic monitoring and management for vessels, vehicles, workers and customers around the port.

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