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A sixfold increase in police alerts led to removal of criminal organizations in the town of Huaraz

“Huaraz had its difficulties in controlling crime. But now, with 54 cameras installed, we are very pleased given that the potential of our Serenazgo and police to take action has increased sixfold from what was possible prior. The results are encouraging, and the way in which integrated patrolling is working as a result of the cameras is optimal. Thankfully, it has considerably reduced crime.” Alberto Espinoza Cerrón, Mayor of the Provincial Municipality of Huaraz.


The town of Huaraz is located approximately 250 miles from Lima, Peru. It is a well known tourist area and the second-largest city in the Central Andes region of Peru in terms of population and economic activity, surpassed only by Huancayo. One of the main goals of its local government is to prevent and reduce crime and incidents of street riots, in order to return a tranquility to the city that had characterized it in years past. Under the direction of an Assistant Chief of Citizen Security, the urban video surveillance system in Huaraz has enabled quick response to various everyday disturbances such as disputes and transit incidents and issues, while also providing oversight of the most visited tourist areas.


An installation of 48 AXIS Q6045-E, 6 AXIS Q6114-E and 4 AXIS Q6000-E Network Cameras was a necessary response by the city, which has increased in population by a high percentage over the past several years and as a result had to deal with an increase in incidents requiring intervention by Serenazgo urban security and local police units. The cameras are positioned in the city’s most critical areas and along with neighborhood alert systems it has created a healthy dynamic to reduce the incidence of criminal acts. The project was implemented by integrator and Axis partner TACTICAL IT, using Milestone XProtect® software.


During the first 18 months of the project’s implementation, the 54 cameras installed have increased the potential for Serenazgo and police response by a factor of six times greater than it had been prior. This has considerably reduced crime given that action takes place immediately thanks to alerts at the monitoring center triggered by each incident. Police are no longer logging crimes committed by criminal organizations in the city.

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