Axis security solution helps ensure golden retirement for residents at Renishaw Hills

Perimeter protection and thermal imaging provide safety and security for private estate residents

“Effective and pro-active perimeter security is of the utmost importance to us and the client, because it means that criminals never get the opportunity to strike, because the system and our staff are always on guard.” Edward van der Linde, Managing Director of JNCS Beyond Security.


Located just 40 minutes from Durban, Renishaw Hills is renowned for its sunny days, cooling sea-breezes, breathtaking views and laidback lifestyle. In order to deliver upon its promise of being the most elegant mature lifestyle village designed for the active over 50s, the estate has to maintain tranquillity and safety for the residence as well as their properties. To this end, it is vital for the estate to have strategically designed and seamlessly executed innovative, state-of-the-art security systems.


When it comes to estates, it is crucial that security systems are delivered within budget and strictly according to agreed timelines. With these kinds of property, security surveillance becomes the first line of defence and solutions are needed that offer the very best in pro-active security. With rising crime statistics especially concerning housebreakings, many estate home owners are looking for a top-quality solution that keeps them and their loved ones safe. Renishaw Hills opted for a security system from JNCS Beyond Security that incorporates AXIS Perimeter Defender. This system alerts guards and site managers of any unwanted activity around the perimeter fence, as soon as it occurs via various communication methods in real-time, allowing security staff to become pro-active to potential threats.


Residents of Renishaw Hills estate are able to enjoy the peacefulness and splendour of their country-style living, without the constant threat of security-related incidents. The effective security measures has played a role in the value of the properties on the mid-South Coast having increased, on the back of various new infrastructure development projects that are continually added to the area. Furthermore, false alarms caused by animals being attracted by infrared emitters have decreased, thanks to the use of thermal cameras.

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