Axis surveillance solution optimizes logistics at Radumlya distribution center

Video management with facial recognition prevents incidents and ensures safety of visitors and goods

“Axis cameras were selected due to the following factors: the best TCO combined with Milestone software, exceptional detail, resolution, frame rate and other properties as well as high fault tolerance.” Pavel Dobzhinsky, Director General of Radumlya wholesale distribution center.


New high-tech agricultural goods logistic and distribution center Radumlya with a total area of 700,000m2 renders storage, trans-shipment and distribution services for large product batches. Apart from warehouses the center will have hotels, administrative and service buildings, product processing and handling complexes. The site rooms up to 5,000 people at a time. Since there is no access control system in the territory of the center, video surveillance system ensures the in/out monitoring, safety of the visitors and goods, issues warnings, helps to prevent, avoid and investigate incidents and thus is even more meaningful.


The distribution center video surveillance system consists of about 60 Axis PTZ- and multi-sensor IP cameras (AXIS M30, AXIS P14, AXIS Q37, AXIS Q61) installed inside and outside the buildings, while the plan is to install 127 cameras. The system is integrated with Milestone, Herta Security and BriefCam software solutions and provides the complete compatibility of all the elements: facial recognition, video management and time compression technologies. The cameras also support such functions as guard tour and Axis Zipstream technology.


With automatic incident detection security staff can quickly respond to any incident. The recorded videos are stored in an archive for at least 30 days. The distribution center management team can use the remote access to video surveillance system to view both the video archive and the live video. Apart from securing the warehouse, security cameras with video analysis software help to optimize logistics and prevent transport downtime – in other words, they play an important role in distribution center business processes.

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