Safer working environment and operations at Chassé Hotel & Grand Café

“It is important that someone is watching or that agreements are met. I definitely do not like my big brother as a big brother, but I check on different moments to make sure everything goes as it should.” Andrew Hakse, General Manager, Chassé Hotel.


The diverse and cozy city of Amsterdam has always attracted tourists. Its growing number of visitors presents both opportunities and challenges for the manager of Chassé Hotel & Grand Café. One key challenge is ensuring safety and security for visitors. And despite running a tight operation of several facilities, the manager was set on continuing to deliver top notch customer service.


The Chassé operations decided on the IP-based AXIS Companion video surveillance system. A total of eight cameras – placed both indoors and outdoors – give an operational overview of the diverse operations. The manager can view both live and recorded video on a PC or mobile phone.


AXIS Companion system has proven to deliver clear, timely images that even impress the local police whenever they are involved in handling incidents. It also allows the manager of Chassé to monitor all operations and deliver high levels of customer satisfaction.

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