Control in the palm of your hand

In the Hamilton Araújo Top Residence building, residents can use mobile phones and tablets to see who is visiting and enable access

“We know that in 10 years’ time the condominium will be able to evaluate the entire solution and see that the equipment is still current. It will allow us to make improvements and integrations without replacing the equipment.” Paulo Eduardo Rosa, Sales Manager and CFO at Unisec Tecnologia.


With almost 18,000 square meters, 68 apartments, and 151 parking spaces, the Hamilton Araújo Top Residence in Florianópolis has developed a high-tech concept for residents who value comfort and safety.


The integrator responsible for the project, UNISEC, created an application called BeSafe, which communicates directly with the AXIS A1001 Network Door Controller via Bluetooth. Along with identifiable RFID card reader/keypad and garage control, the solution makes the access check. To put this concept into action, AXIS A1001 access controllers have been installed at the pedestrian entrances/exits, garage gates, banquet rooms, garage elevators, and heliport. In addition, IP intercoms were installed both in the residential units and in the common areas. With the integration between the intercom and cameras, residents can see who is at the front entrance of the complex. In practice, if the intercom sounds, it is possible to access the condominium cameras through the resident’s cell phone or tablet and know who is at the front entrance. All the cameras used in the project are also from Axis: in areas such as around the perimeter and in the garages and swimming pool, Hamilton Top Residence has invested in AXIS P1405-E Network Cameras. AXIS M1054 cameras were installed in the lobby, children’s playroom, and elevators. AXIS F34 units and AXIS F1004 sensors used in the remaining 18 floors of apartments and common areas do not interfere with the privacy of condominium owners.


The experience of UNISEC enabled the use of state-of-the- art technology for residential condominiums, with long-term thinking and a future-proof design.

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