Complete product traceability

DANEC, in Ecuador, has obtained the BASC certification - which, among other requirements, demands video surveillance to cover all phases from production through final packaging

“As a result of this installation we have achieved complete product traceability, preventing excessive manipulation of information and thusminimizing inventory errors.” Héctor Iván Ananganó, Network and Communications Administrator, DANEC.


DANEC Industrial, the first Ecuadorian company to make products from African palm oil, lacked a video surveillance system to ensure security and provide oversight of its operations. This had resulted in unauthorized personnel access and a lack of control over its operations. As part of a certification requiring compliance with high quality standards, the company needed to demonstrate rigorous, comprehensive control over all processes in the production, packaging, shipping and transport of its products, including oversight of its plantations and extraction processing operations located throughout the country – as well as in the operations of its distribution partners.


FullData, an Axis partner, was the integrator responsible for the entire project implementation. They developed a comprehensive solution using Axis cameras to meet all security requirements at six locations. The plan established a comprehensive, centralized monitoring system through the use of the SecurOS platform from Intelligent Security Systems (ISS), another Axis partner. The project consisted of the installation of 84 cameras, as well as the use of video analytics for oversight of the raw materials entering into its processing plants.


DANEC’s technology division did such a careful job that it enabled the company to receive the Business Alliance for Secure Commerce (BASC) certification. This means a high standard of security and meticulous oversight of its products’ raw materials during all phases of production until final packaging, which prevents any tampering or removal by unauthorized personnel. Just by resolving the issue of controlling weighing scales alone, the entire installation paid for itself.

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