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Axis cameras in the classroom support teachers in their basic and advanced training at Regensburg University

“Our main reason for choosing Axis cameras was that they work smoothly with our software, enabling in-sync recording. In addition, the cameras can be controlled via Multi Capture V4 and have XLR inputs with phantom power as well as HDMI and HDSDI outputs. We could attach them standing or hanging to walls or tripods – whatever best suited the circumstances.” Johannes Reentjes, Head of Technology and Development at SuH EDV Systeme.


The University of Regensburg was looking for ways to improve the basic and advanced training for teachers and to make lesson observation more authentic. Until now, five or six people sat in the back of the classroom to observe the lesson as it took place. This had a clear effect on the teaching situation.


SuH EDV Systeme developed a modular concept with instructions for the University of Regensburg. It is made up of multiple rotating and tilting cameras and conference microphones that transmit image and sound to a computer in an adjacent room. AXIS V5914/15 Network Cameras were chosen for the system. The schools can either livestream the images or record them for later viewing of the videos. Another channel displays the image being shown on the interactive whiteboard or the student tablets. There are a number of special features that can be selected: REC room switch, graphical room display with camera selection, archive auto delete, dummy connection, intercom, stress and audio feed, external device ON/OFF, camera group control and face masking, check of usability as evidence in court. These special features depend on the intended task of the training.


In an adjacent room, lesson observers can follow what is happening in real time or with a time delay, without significantly influencing it. Teaching students, university lecturers, seminar teachers, trainee teachers and others in the teaching profession can sample and observe the lesson. They can then analyze the lesson scientifically. This enables authentic and differentiated feedback because the students quickly forget that the cameras are there.

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