More efficient fire rescue operations thanks to a networked security solution

Copenhagen emergency services uses innovative Axis technology to streamline their life saving work

“Using video images has made a fantastic difference. The solution has provided incredibly huge benefits and has given us completely new opportunities to streamline our work so that we can save more lives.” Magnus Mattsson, Operation Commander, Emergency Services in Copenhagen.


The emergency services in Copenhagen, Denmark, wanted to be more efficient and improve their rescue operations to ensure victims get a better and faster response.


Axis partner Incendium installed a streaming solution using AXIS P12 Network Cameras together with a loudspeaker and microphone in selected fire engines, images are streamed in real time to the internal operations center for the emergency services. The operations center can then assess whether reinforcements need to be sent to the incident, and ascertain what type of reinforcements will be required. For example, the emergency services may need to assess whether buildings are at risk of collapse or people need to be evacuated.


The solution has streamlined the work of the emergency services and therefore contributes to saving lives. The internal operations management can communicate with the rapid intervention team more quickly and more efficiently. In addition, the emergency services can communicate externally more quickly with the people affected and provide better public service information by quickly alerting via social media in the event of fire.

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