Yellow Submarine strengthens security and crime prevention for its flexible store layout

Increased detection of shoplifters and identification of theft methods and tendencies thanks to responsive Axis surveillance solution

“There has been an increased rate of detection of shoplifters who we believe were not being caught previously. Furthermore, the fact that we have been able to research specific tendencies in their methods, and come up with measures to deal with them has been one important outcome.” Mr. Morimoto, Accounting Section, General Administration Division, Hobby Base Yellow Submarine Co., Ltd.


Established in 1985, Hobby Base Yellow Submarine Co., Ltd., is a company headquartered in Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture that is involved in the retail, manufacture and sale of toy models and games. Known by the familiar nicknames “Yellow Submarine” and “YeSub,” the company maintains a chain of 30 stores throughout Japan. Its distinctive feature is that instead of enforcing a rigidly uniform approach to store management, each store is allowed a product lineup that reflects the character of the location. The stores are packed with a variety of toys and games. For their new surveillance solution, a flexible, high-performance monitoring system was sought. A network video recorder (NVR) had been used previously for in-store monitoring systems. However, once a fault occurs in the NVR, all of the cameras attached to the device stopped recording, and each individual NVR must be repaired or replaced as necessary. This made it impossible to implement a prompt response on site. Furthermore, as the number of cameras increased, adding recorders became increasingly burdensome.


Yellow Submarine adopted the AXIS F Series of small modular cameras. For the video management software (VMS), it selected AXIS Companion. When choosing network camera products, Yellow Submarine gave high marks for such features as the ability to deal flexibly with changes in camera position, and the ability for end users to easily set up cameras, and it was this that led to AXIS F Series being selected. System installation was performed by Axis channel partner M&M Co., Ltd. AXIS F Series is designed primarily for the purposes of security and loss prevention, and video taken for verifying events that have taken place in-store is recorded on an SD card. AXIS F44 units, which can gather voice audio, are installed around the cash registers. Other locations are covered by use of AXIS F34.


As a result of switching from an NVR system configuration to a VMS, adding one camera requires no more than the addition of a new channel, leading to improved redundancy. In terms of functionality and performance, Yellow Submarine was impressed by the ability of a single sensor to capture a wide angle of 102°, and by the simplified operation, which allows a greater number of faults to be resolved in the store, if they should occur. Because store staff are now able to change the position of the sensors themselves in response to frequent changes in store layout, the company has achieved a situation in which there are usually almost no blind spots in coverage.

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