Stop that thief!

AXIS Camera Station and HDTV-quality network cameras help small town drug store catch them red-handed

“Our Axis system is getting a great reputation around town. One of my staff overheard a judge say that our cameras have such great resolution that it’s easy to identify suspects.” Frank Louvelle, owner and pharmacist for Wallace Drug Store.


Wallace Drug Store in the small town of Cochrane, Ontario, knew petty theft was eating into their bottom line. But even when their old analog security cameras caught someone pilfering, often the image wasn’t clear enough to prosecute. The store needed a much higher resolution surveillance system, one that could be easily learned and operated.


Wallace Drug Store turned to Tech Galaxy, a technology solutions provider and Axis partner, to design and install a new network video camera system that could deliver the forensic quality evidence they needed. Tech Galaxy installed a mix of Axis HDTV-resolution network cameras controlled by AXIS Camera Station, a straightforward plug-and-play video management system. Tech Galaxy also installed Axis video encoders to integrate the drug store’s legacy cameras into the new system. A mobile viewing app allows the store owner to monitor store activity remotely from his smartphone or tablet while at home or on the road.


In the first six months of operation, the new Axis cameras caught half a dozen shoplifters stealing over $1,000 worth of merchandise. Thanks to the exceptionally high image quality of the video, the police were able to identified and apprehend the individuals in very short order.

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