The MOSY* system creates intelligent police cars

E-government in practice with help of Axis IP cameras

“The policeman is supposed to be here for the people and should not be overwhelmed with a lot of administration and writing different reports. By automatically logging in, the policeman may easily and quickly complete their daily summary and daily report. They do not have to spend as much time with administrative work, and can save their working time for the people.” Jan Gero, director of the MOSY* division at Soitron.


The Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic “National electronic vehicle registration services” project (abbreviated as NEV), also known as “intelligent police cars”, is a comprehensive solution that contributes to greater property protection and greater security. As part of this project, police cars in Slovakia have gradually been equipped with special computer equipment, including cameras. The Ministry of Interior announced a tender won by Soitron s.r.o. Within 3 years, it has been applied to 2,380 police cars, while a complete camera system solution was delivered to 780 vehicles.


The experiences with the NEV pilot project have shown that deploying and integrating new technologies, especially for police cars, may be difficult, so Soitron has come up with its own new MOSY* system that addresses this issue in a comprehensive way. MOSY* provides a uniform modular platform with all the latest technologies that may be quickly, easily, and safely integrated into any police vehicle.


Cameras combined with the m*Patrol application perform several functions – from recording incidents around the vehicle to car license plate scanning and continuous searching of police databases to help with improved detection of stolen vehicles, for example. If a camera scans a stolen car’s licence plate, the system notifies the patrol in the vehicle. The total daily number of licence plates checked by all the deployed vehicles is a few million. The m*Patrol software also serves for video recording, storing and processing.

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