Safer spa and health resorts in Karlovy Vary

In collaboration with the Police of the Czech Republic, Karlovy Vary health resorts have solved tens of cases thanks to Axis cameras

“About 45 cameras had passed through our hands over the course of 10 years, with only one chip set suffering from partial wear (faulty color interpretation). It should be mentioned that this particular camera had been switching from the night-time black and white mode to the colored daytime mode approximately 1,000x a day for five years.” Martin Fischer, ICT Manager of Bristol a.s.


The hotel and spa business has always been the domain of Karlovy Vary, with hotels around the colonnade always enjoying a lot of guest attention as well as, unfortunately, some less fair-minded people. The Bristol Group runs its own hotel complex with eight separate historical buildings directly in the Karlovy Vary town center. It would be professional suicidal to attempt to maintain security for such an extensive complex without a camera surveillance system, especially with the main section of the buildings entirely outside of the main site. While some of the hotels were equipped with camera surveillance systems, those were older analog systems that were further run separately for each building. This led to the task assignment for a modern unified IP camera system with centralized storage.


The entire solution was based on Axis network cameras. The building entrances first had to be secured, followed by all of the places marked as important by the security section. Cameras were installed to cover both main interior and exterior spaces, a dedicated data network was created for the security system, and efforts were made to improve the coordination of the security guard with the system.


Despite some initial distrust, the new camera system turned out to be very beneficial. The entire complex maintains data for 48 hours according to the legislation, which is a great contribution for the Police when looking for evidence. Thanks to coordination with the Czech police, the Bristol Group has helped clarify majority of cases and ensure the complex is guarded for the good of its customers and employees alike. The cameras protect employees in cases where customers claim a mistake on the employees’ part.

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