Reducing fare evasion at public transport accesses

Axis network cameras combined with a video analytics application to automatically detect fare dodgers

“A radical forward move in ticket inspection technology that has allowed us to step up our fight against fare evasion.” Mr. Oriol Juncadella, Director FGC-Operator.


Commuter and regional train operator Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya, FGC is a company that belongs to the Government of Catalonia and operates several train routes. FGC wants to minimize the number of people who do not pay to use this public transport, while also reducing the number of spot ticket inspections of paying passengers.


AWAAIT, a company that develops innovative solutions, is fine-tuning DETECTOR, the technology it has devised to reduce fare evasion (a.k.a. fare dodging) on public transport systems. DETECTOR combines video analysis using Artificial Intelligence with a mobile application to enable inspectors to identify people who enter the transport network without paying.


Implementing DETECTOR led to a significant reduction in fare evasion for FGC. The system allows inspections to be carried out very selectively and efficiently, which reduces the need for random ticket inspections of paying passengers and consequently results in higher passenger satisfaction.

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