IP video security for the Turda Durgau salt mine, powered by Axis Communications

Professional surveillance, on the surface and underground

“Considering the importance of our visitors’ safety and our wish to monitor certain mechanical systems, we chose a high-performing, easy to deploy IP video surveillance solution which offered unlimited expansion capabilities. We found in Axis a true technology partner, able to provide the performance and reliability levels we needed.” Maria Simona Baciu, General Director of Salina Turda.


Today, Salina Turda is a salt mining museum that captures an important part of Transylvania’s history. Salina Turda is one of the main tourist attractions in the Turda area, visited by an average of 600,000 tourists each year. Aware of the growing interest and motivated to expand the museum, the salt mine managers wanted to expand the existing analog video surveillance system, which was installed over five years ago. The expansion would allow employees and security personnel to efficiently monitor both the main public areas and the technical areas.


The technical solution, proposed by Green Security, proved the optimal choice for Salina Turda. 21 Axis network surveillance cameras were chosen for the task. The superior performance of the Axis cameras allowed Salina Turda to ensure tourists’ safety and efficiently monitor the essential technical areas. Two dome-type PTZ cameras were also deployed, covering a wide area of the Rudolf and Terezia mines.


By using the Axis solution, Salina Turda achieved improved coverage of the public areas and an efficient way to identify potential technical issues (like monitoring equipment that powers the panoramic wheel). The fully scalable solution includes performance surveillance cameras, which provide clear images even in dim light conditions, video analytics functions, and offers multiple possibilities for later development.

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