Eyes along the coast - safety through the lens at Cape Cornwall Watch

Reliable and robust Axis IP camera technology essential for watch keepers in hazardous Atlantic conditions

“We needed the best of the best technology for this installation to be a success. With the camera placed where it is, it had to be robust and reliable, as it’s a difficult place to reach should engineers be required to resolve a technical issue. Axis cameras provide us with this reliability.” James Scott, IT Consultant at NCI Technologies.


Cape Cornwall Watch is a team of volunteers that monitors a section of Cornwall’s coast for hazardous activities. Part of the National Coastwatch Institution, it had been reliant on a manual process of watching the coastline, often with binoculars, to identify possible signs of danger. This manual process had proven to be especially challenging when monitoring tourist hotspot Priest Cove during stormy conditions. Always a busy cove catering for visitors and fisherman alike, it was essential that the team conducted regular reviews of activities to ensure the safety of all that used it. That is why a community campaign was undertaken to fund the installation of leading network video technology, allowing watch keepers to clearly see into the cove and improve public safety.


Following a review of the most suitable technology available by NCI Technologies, a leader in the field of IT support and services in Cornwall, AXIS Q6055-E was selected for installation. An advanced PTZ dome style camera from Axis Communications, it provides watch keepers with both sweeping overviews of the cove and sea, as well as superb zoomed-in detail to monitor fishing boats in the water. Its 32x optical zoom, in combination with HDTV 1080p resolution, provides top of the range close-up views of people and objects of interest. The camera is located on a cliffside facing the Atlantic Ocean; AXIS Q6055-E is therefore a perfect choice for the demanding outdoor environment due to its robust design and build.


The installation of the new camera has greatly improved safety for both users of the cove and the watch keepers, who would often have to venture onto the cliffs in perilous conditions to gain an insight into activity in the water and within the cove. Applying its experience of similar installations at other coastal locations, NCI Technologies was able to overcome the difficult weather and terrain.

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