Security at Chapman’s Bay Estate heats up

Axis thermal cameras safeguards luxury residential estate

“The Axis thermal cameras are an integral part of our security measures because they helped make a challenging installation simple, whilst providing the Rolls Royce in surveillance systems, quality products and user friendliness at the same time. This culminated in a very effective perimeter defender and analytics setup that delivered very little false alarms and no perimeter breaches.” Daniel Van De Venter, the Managing Director at Innoza Group.


Chapman’s Bay estate is a unique, low-density, security estate set up against a private bay. The estate offers their client spacious homes with spectacular bay -and Table Mountain views. The estate is a one of its kind and can boast being eco-friendly and one of the most secure estates in the surrounding area. In order to maintain this harmony and serenity, it is necessary to ensure that homeowners and their properties are thoroughly protected. The only way to achieve this is through the deployment of an advanced security system supported by cutting-edge products. Doing so, involved clearing a number of security concerns including the vast perimeter of the estate. An effective early warning detection system of the utmost importance, because of threats that could possibly intrude along the neighbouring mountain.


Innoza Group, the security system integrator for Chapman’s Bay estate, selected Axis thermal network cameras to overcome the challenge of providing a surveillance solution, within a completely dark environment. The estate required the use of smart analytics for detection and the ability to send out alerts, if an intruder was detected. Another important requirement was minimal false alarms. Axis was the clear solutions provider choice on this front as well, because it offers one of the most advanced analytical software, Axis Perimeter Defender, and according to the Innoza Group, offer a much more user friendly experience to the end user.


The absence of illumination no longer hinders the detection and apprehension of possible intruders. In addition, residents of Chapman’s Bay estate can enjoy the peacefulness and splendour of their bay-side vistas knowing that they have an edge where security starts – at the perimeter of the estate. The installation of this state of the art surveillance system will most certainly decrease any possible breaches of the perimeter.

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