Safer driving on the Scandinavian Raceway racetrack

More secure environment for racing drivers, spectators, customers and the site’s college students by using Axis network cameras

“Now we can dare to store equipment and cars at the facility, both our own and for our customers, during the night too, which we didn’t dare do before. Thanks to this solution, we have a completely different level of security today. It feels very secure.” Anderz Johansson, Facilities Manager at Scandinavian Raceway.


SRW Anderstorp needed a security system to monitor the Scandinavian Raceway facility when no one was onsite, which was primarily in the evenings and at night. There had been several break-ins and attempted break-ins, both in SRW Anderstorp’s premises and the pit building where the Motorsport College is also located. There were also cases where people had entered the facility for unauthorised driving during the night. SRW Anderstorp also wanted race control to have improved ability to analyse events during races, so as to avoid false starts, for example. And if an accident should occur, the motorsport circuit’s functionaries wanted to be able to immediately see what took place. In addition, SRW Anderstorp wanted to monitor the facility in real time during other outside events. The staff wanted to use the cameras to keep the facility under observation without needing to be on-site themselves.


Security integrator InSupport Nätverksvideo installed five AXIS P1435-E Network Cameras, four of which have AXIS Perimeter Defender video analysis, as well as the XProtect Express® management software from Milestone Systems. The cameras are robust, simple to use and can reproduce sharp images even for objects that are moving at very high speed, such as racing cars. If an incident should occur, a push alarm is sent to SRW Anderstorp’s local security company. There is monitoring on all access roads, and the cameras also monitor the start area of the track, the stands and the pit building, where the college is also located.


There have been no break-ins since the cameras were installed. The facility has had attempted break-ins but these have failed. There has been no unauthorised car driving or motorcycling during the night either.

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