Lille Airport entrusts expansion and modernization of its video surveillance to Axis Communications

A broad system of IP cameras deployed, and considerable improvements in the video surveillance system’s maintenance and convenience

“For us, tomorrow’s technology trends in video surveillance will mean using perimeter thermal cameras and systems scalable to 4K with even more optimized data storage processes.” Côme Guéry, IT project manager at Lille Airport.


Lille Airport is at the heart of the Flanders/Belgium Euroregion, which is home to almost 6 million people. Its proximity to Lille — the capital of France’s numberthree region — gives it great accessibility. Since 2007, the airport’s traffic has increased 70% to 1.78 million passengers in 2016. Within this context, through SOGAREL (the Lille region’s airport management company), the airport launched an expansion and modernization plan for its video surveillance system to provide safety and security to the site’s growing number of passengers.


Lille Airport implemented a solution that allows it to cover the interior and exterior zones of the airport to monitor the vast majority of passenger traffic zones. Thanks to the advice and assistance of integrator Nextiraone, the airport chose Axis technologies known for their robustness and ease of use. With its attractive pricing and variety of complementary products, Axis won the customer over with its offer, which included PTZ models, and more.


Lille Airport now benefits from a comprehensive system of 160 cameras. The improvements are significant, both in terms of the video surveillance system’s maintenance and convenience and in the time saved in dealing with offenses (from several hours to days with the old system to a few minutes to two or three hours maximum today). The solution has even helped optimize the airport’s operations management after certain issues were observed.

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