Dayalbagh Educational Institute implements smart security surveillance

Institute designs a solar powered surveillance solution from Axis to provide total protection and prevent untoward incidences in the campus

“We wanted to deploy a surveillance system which could be integrated with our design, provide agility and reduce total cost of ownership. We are very impressed with the high definition images provided by Axis cameras. This is an immense value add to our University and we look forward to implementing the same in our other campuses going forward.” Dr. C.M. Markan, Department of Physics & Computer Science, Dayalbagh Educational Institute Agra.


Dayalbagh Educational Institute has 10,000 students and staff across its campus, and wanted to ensure a safe and secure environment. It aimed to design an intelligent surveillance system that could be operated on solar power, reducing the carbon footprint and dependence on electricity.


Dayalbagh Educational Institute’s management decided to set up an Open Security Laboratory, to design its own unique solar-powered surveillance solution system. This would involve the students and faculty in creating and implementing their independent surveillance solution. The students were given an opportunity to build an integrated security system, which also provided them with hands on training. Initially, the project was implemented on a small scale to understand its capability and later, after an extensive process of selecting the best network cameras, DEI chose an Axis network video solution. This provided superior image quality and exceptional compression capabilities available at competitive price points. Real-time monitoring of the campus, residential facility, campus and administrative offices were made possible with the deployment of Axis fixed network outdoor cameras with outstanding light sensitivity.


Dayalbagh Educational Institute has greatly benefited from this installation of the surveillance system which completely relies on solar energy for its power supply reducing the carbon footprint for this project to zero. There is a data center for recording and storage with distributed monitoring units in four directions connected by 12 kms of underground optical fiber. The project has been conceptualized so that it allows easy identification and immediate action.

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