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From the outside, the Port of São Francisco do Sul is protected with fixed cameras around the entire perimeter. Inside, some PTZs support operational control

“We prioritize safety and were looking for agility in operations. That’s why these investments are critical to keeping the port modern and competitive.” Paulo César Cortes Corsi, President of São Francisco do Sul Port.


The Port of São Francisco do Sul, in Santa Catarina, is one of the top 10 ports in Brazil. When it came time to replace its old analog video surveillance system, the port authority sought a robust security plan that could withstand the location’s salt air and fluctuating temperatures (the city has recorded temperatures ranging from 1°C to 41°C). The plan also needed to comply with Federal regulations on monitoring, surveillance and access control systems, which recommend installing cameras capable of capturing images clearly, even at night.


The port put out a call for proposals that would cover both perimeter protection and interior surveillance. Drawing on its experience in the port sector, Axis partner Eagle Soluções Tecnológicas submitted the winning bid: for the perimeter, it proposed AXIS P1354-E Network Cameras installed every 40 meters or so, with a total of 98 of these cameras. The system can thus detect persons around the entire extent of the perimeter (at a resolution of 50 pixels per meter) and to recognize persons at a distance of 20 meters from the camera (100 pixels per meter). The system only required six AXIS Q6045-E MK II cameras to cover the entire port yard area of 244,000 m². All the images are managed using Digifort, a Brazilian software developer.


When the system was put into practice, its images turned out to be a valuable support for operations control. The PTZ cameras made it possible to better monitor the loading and unloading of cargo, to check whether employees were using their personal protective equipment (PPE), and to watch ships entering and exiting the port from a long distance.

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