Quality in nautical service

Brazil’s largest marina uses video surveillance cameras not only for security but for 24/7 monitoring of operations

“The cameras are good quality. No piece of equipment has presented any problems; we are quite satisfied.” Wolfgang Roedel, general manager of Marina Itajaí.


Marina Itajaí is a nautical complex that holds up to 900 vessels and 600 cars in its parking lot. From the beginning, security was defined as a priority to protect the boats and yachts that were tied up. This included the ability to visually track the most critical operations, such as identifying vessels approaching the harbor and monitoring their departure from Brazil’s largest marina.


The video surveillance project was developed by Traders Service Communications Technology, using a wide range of Axis Communications camera models to cover the entire undertaking. AXIS P1357-E Network Cameras were installed on the platforms to monitor an area that includes all the wet slips in the marina. This model offers 5MP resolution that enables coverage of large areas. To monitor dry storage areas, the system uses AXIS M3027-PVE, with their 180 degree panoramic view. AXIS Q6045-E MKII ensure that any suspicious activity is captured, along with the day-to-day operations of Marina Itajaí. The perimeter monitoring set-up uses AXIS P1365-E Network Cameras, while AXIS Q1615-E units, also a Full HD camera, can be found at vehicle entrance points. The convenience store and restaurant inside Marina Itajaí have adopted AXIS M3006-V. The reception office uses AXIS M3005-V, and the gas station uses AXIS P1354.


In two years of operation, there has been no failure of any kind out of the 15 cameras installed. Even in bad weather, no unit needed to be replaced or maintained. What’s more, the Axis cameras have gone beyond security, by contributing to marina operations, including improved confidence in day-to-day procedures, and third-party control. The system has even minimized staffing needs, resulting in a significant cost reduction in security staff.

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