A construction project in video

A Chilean developer innovates with Axis technology to attract investors and clients to its high-end real estate projects in Santiago

“The high-quality live video stream is a real sales tool and also great for security; we can see what’s happening during the entire project on a smartphone.” Mauricio Zamora, Desco General Manager.


With a company history spanning over 80 years, Desco is a Chilean developer nationally recognized for its work on critical infrastructure projects and prominent commercial and residential buildings. The company’s “Pyramid Lagoon” high-rise building project is situated in Huechuraba. One of the most desirable areas of Santiago, it offers convenient access to the capital’s most influential business district, Business City. Unique aspects of this project were the inclusion of an expansive recreational lagoon adjacent to the building – the first of its type in the capital city – along with the company’s goal of providing real-time viewing of the construction work in progress to clients, investors and others related to the project.


Around the clock, 365 days a year, HD cameras stream a live broadcast over YouTube allowing for remote viewing of work progress on any device, anywhere in the world with internet access. The project was initially planned for implementation with a single Axis HD camera. However, with the addition of the artificial lagoon area around the building, a total of three cameras was required.


Live streaming of work on Pyramid Lagoon has allowed Desco to show the actual progress of the real estate project to investors and clients. Thus it has become a helpful tool for sales teams by bringing added value to the property, while at the same time improving security. In fact, the results have led to expansion of the project with more cameras, and the planning of another similar initiative at a building to be constructed in the Coquimbo region of Northern Chile, approximately 300 miles from the company’s Santiago headquarters.

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