St. Petersburg Underground introduces intelligent video surveillance

Video analysis using Axis IP cameras supports heavy passenger flow and ensures transport security in St. Petersburg metro

“It is impossible to imagine an intelligent video surveillance for such a large transport system as the Saint Petersburg Metro without a remote access to online videos and video records from archive, remote monitoring and configuration of system components, as well as quick troubleshooting. Axis network cameras offer the full range of functionalities and allow for efficient system scaling.” Fedorov Mikhail Romanovic, St. Petersburg Metro SUE.


The Saint Petersburg Metro is the main city traffic artery. It carries over 2 million passengers between 67 stations each day and among the European subways it ranks 4th for its passenger flow and 8th for its line length. The Metro needed an intelligent video surveillance system to ensure the transport security in challenging traffic conditions at all the subway areas open to the public – halls, underground stations, escalators. With the intelligent video surveillance system the subway security would have a better situation awareness and would quickly respond to any incident, run post-event analysis using video records from archive and automatically detect unauthorized passenger actions for further investigation.


The appropriate transport security system require to be formed on IP basis as backbone of the intelligent video surveillance. The Axis network video surveillance system demonstrated the best reliability and functionality during the pilot testing and was selected for deployment of the video surveillance system, creation of a video archive and video analysis systems. The task for the system integrator Aspekt Severo-Zapad JSC was to create an archive and two continuous video streams for online monitoring, ensure video transition to several end users simultaneously (multicast mode) and ability of technology Power over Ethernet.


The large-scale project was launched in 2014 and is still ongoing. For three years, the intelligent video surveillance system covered 24 subway stations with more that 3200 Axis network cameras installed. And there is more to come – 7 or 8 more stations are planned to be equipped in 2017. The system successfully completes its mission: video surveillance, video archive storage for minimum 30 days, automatic detection of abandoned objects.

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