Enhanced security for Ciugud Town Hall, in Alba County, Romania

Efficient surveillance, 24/7 service, only with Axis solutions

“Axis’ security solution has managed to respond to all our requests. Now, city hall employees can streamline their workflow by analyzing the video streams. Also, the video cameras are helping by increasing the security level of the employees, institution and the fixed assets.” Damian Gheorghe, Mayor of Ciugud.


Located on the Transylvania Plateau, on the Alba Iulia – Turda – Cluj-Napoca lane, Ciugud is one of the Romanian townships with the highest degree of European funds absorption. In the last years, the community managed to access over 16 million euros. Ciugud Township consists of six villages, (Ciugud, Limba, Seusa, Drambar, Teleac and Hapria) and has a population of 2,664 inhabitants, calculated at the last census. It is a predominantly hilly area, suitable for grazing, grapes and fruit trees. There is also an agricultural area suitable for potatoes, vegetables, herbs and crops.


In order to oversee the entire perimeter, both indoor and outdoor, a security system composed of several Axis network surveillance cameras and workstations dedicated for recording and video management were installed. For outdoor needs, bullet type cameras were used. The units contain built-in IR illuminators, and are able to handle a high variation of temperatures (between -30º and +50º C). For indoor spaces, several fixed cameras were installed, models capable of offering detailed images that can lead in case of need to facial identification.


The implementation generated a high level of security but also streamlined activities inside the town hall. Thus, by using the surveillance system, staff can easily identify busy time slots and allocate more people. Also, real-time images made it possible to analyse how crowded the hallways are, in order to reallocate human resources to the busiest offices.

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