Paramedics get the job done with Axis

The Richmond Volunteer Rescue Squad utilizes an Axis solution to control access to its medical facility

“AXIS Entry Manager software is pretty intuitive. It has been really rock solid for our needs. There is very little configuration needed; it is very much drag and drop, which makes it easy for non-technical members to use. It has been very useful, especially with the schedule so each instructor can log in to schedule people for their class slots.” Jeff Jackson, Volunteer Paramedic, Richmond Volunteer Rescue Squad.


Considering its outdated security platform charged with monitoring highly restrictive areas, the Richmond Volunteer Rescue Squad (RVRS) sought out a better security solution to help protect its building and create a higher level of organization to those who could access the facility. Highly valuable equipment and medical items are kept on-site and an outdated push button combination lock system was not keeping the area as secure as it needed to be.


Utilizing a pair of AXIS A1001 Network Door Controllers, the RVRS took total control over their two key entryways. Considering the foot traffic through the facility between volunteers, staff and students for on-site classes, the new access control system allows the organization to manage who is allowed to come and go and at what times.


Considering the 100-plus individuals that access the building in any given month, the access control system has paid dividends to the organization when it comes to securing the facility and giving peace of mind to administrators. AXIS Entry Manager allows supervisors to properly grant access to proper individuals as needed, an important feature considering the vast number of both full-time staff and temporary students that need to access different areas at varying times.

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