Coniolo Municipality is safe with Axis cameras

Thanks to IP camera technology, Axis and Lan Service solution allows Coniolo Municipality to increase security in its municipal area and for its residents

“Thanks to the village’s new video surveillance system, it is now possible to accurately identify the license plates of all cars travelling through the village. This has enabled us to provide the police with useful information for carrying out investigations in the event of theft.” Vincenzo Amich, Mayor of Coniolo.


Coniolo, a municipality of Monferrato, located in the Piedmont hills and with UNESCO World Heritage status, has registered an ever-increasing rise in home burglaries over the last few years, a situation that had generated a climate of fear and insecurity in the community. However, small to medium-sized villages such as Coniolo have two advantages: a stranger is quickly noticed and the village has only a few access roads that people with malicious intent would have to take. The main requirement was being able to identify all cars entering and leaving the village.


The solution implemented by Coniolo municipality consists of four roadside access-control checkpoints, equipped with high-performance Axis cameras for context and reading license plates, with additional illuminators, remote control, remote access via UMTS/HyperLan and WiFi connection for local access. An alarm system, connected to Lan Service’s NOC (Network Operative Center), is also implemented at each checkpoint, allowing operation of the systems and any ongoing problems to be monitored in real time.


The system has enabled the successful identification of numerous license plates belonging to suspect vehicles, making it easier for the police to carry out their investigations. The quality of the images and the practicality of the software for zooming and per-frame analysis render these systems extremely usable, allowing Coniolo Municipality to increase security significantly for its residents.

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