Fresh pastry under surveillance

Mr. Baker shops are now safer and guaranteed to open on time thanks to Axis network cameras

“The camera system helps us to reduce losses arising from theft and gives us an instrument for the solution of potential customer complaints. We can simply find the given moment and know exactly what has happened.” Stanislav Malík, Pekařství Mr.Baker.


Pekařství Mr. Baker planned installation of the camera system to prevent crime and increase the safety of the staff in the network of its shops. Considering the large number of workplaces and diversity of the spaces, the client demanded customized high-tech equipment without the necessity to add supplementary recording equipment. Simultaneously, they raised a demand for automatic monitoring of the shop’s opening hours.


The entire solution is based only on the Axis cameras. The cameras used in most of the 32 shops were AXIS M1054 Network Cameras because of their discreet appearance, the recording quality and power supply by Ethernet cable. The AXIS M1065-L model has now been newly installed. NetRex cloud storage enables easy on-line control of the cameras. The cameras have high-quality resolution of up to 720p, motion detection, sound recording and IR illumination for night vision. In addition, the NetRex system monitors observation of the opening hours – when the shop actually opens, it automatically sends a photo to the manager’s email.


The complex solution with easy control and partly automated operation was fully customised for the client who is very satisfied, especially with the control of the recording and searching in it. Another feature that they appreciate is the 24/7 technical support and on-line monitoring of the operation. The camera system helps to reduce theft and crime in the shops and improves the quality of services because the opening hours are more consistently observed.

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