Axis cameras facilitate faster and better healthcare

Faster and more effective healthcare using IP cameras and wireless communication in Danish ambulances

“Video streaming in ambulances is really good from a patient perspective. It’s the future - where the doctor can watch over a patient in the ambulance.” Søren Aagaard Christiansen, Senior Consultant, Region Nordjylland.


Region Nordjylland in Denmark wanted sick and injured people to more quickly get the right treatment and care, which can be vital. To be able to make a more qualified assessment of the healthcare needs of patients, Region Nordjylland made the decision to install a mobile video streaming solution between ambulances and hospitals. Installing cameras in ambulances involves major technological challenges. These include a sufficiently fast connection as well as the need for high frame rate and image quality so that hospital staff can make a correct assessment of a patient’s condition in the ambulance.


Radiocom, a supplier of radio communication equipment for wireless communication, installed Axis network cameras in the ceilings of eleven ambulances. The cameras are small, simple to install and maintain, reliable and roust to withstand shaking and vibration. They have HDTV quality and can reproduce sharp images from recordings at very high frame rate. The mobile video streaming solution is secure and reliable and while in operation can easily change between different types of network to ensure optimum bandwidth.


Sick and injured patients get the right type of care more quickly, and by means of the video link in real time, doctors and hospitals can make an initial medical assessment of patients in the ambulance. They can give advice to ambulance personnel about what care is needed, which hospital is closest, as well as helping with advice so that ambulance personnel can start to treat a patient in advance, prior to arriving at hospital. Sometimes a case can be resolved at an early stage in the ambulance and the patient can go home. This results in time savings for patients and Region Nordjylland, as well as cost savings and a reduced number of unnecessary hospital visits.

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