Face recognition and people counting boost customer service and profitability

More effective marketing, tailored campaigns and optimized staff levels are among benefits gained by Rajalla På Gränsen shopping centre and retailers

“We are very satisfied. We have gained new opportunities for creating more effective advertising campaigns that better reach our target groups and can provide more tailored offers, while retailers can better optimize their staffing according to footfall.” Jukka Korpimäki, Shopping Centre Director, Rajalla På Gränsen.


With a footfall of several million people each year, Rajalla På Gränsen is one of the largest shopping centres in northern Finland. The centre wanted to acquire accurate data on visitor numbers and demographics, as well as offer shopping opportunities in a safe and secure environment. Rajalla På Gränsen wished to provide a better experience to its customers while optimizing store and security staffing. In addition, individual stores wanted statistics that help them tailor their marketing and merchandise according to customer needs.


Rajalla På Gränsen chose AXIS M3006-V Network Cameras and AXIS People Counter software to count people at the shopping centre entrances. The cameras and software were installed by Axis partner Valfi. Inside the shopping centre, Valfi installed AXIS M1125 Network Cameras and Valfi software for face recognition and customer profile analysis.


The new system provides reliable information about visitor numbers. Rajalla På Gränsen also gets statistics about the time of day people visit the shopping centre as well as their customer profile (demographic data, such as gender and age) and even about their facial expressions and the emotions they reflect. The shopping centre has used this data to improve its customer service and optimize its store and security staff planning to deliver the best possible shopping experience to visitors. Retailers can now create more effective advertising campaigns.

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