Axis promotes green efforts on the harbor

Healthy Harbor Initiative streams river clean-up with unique tool and engaged audience

“It has been amazing to see the river overtake the camera, which is typically five feet above the water. It goes completely underwater with objects flying by, and the camera continues to live stream through the entire event. It has gone through extreme weather conditions and performed very well.” Adam Lindquist, Director, Healthy Harbor Initiative.


Since construction of the original Water Wheel along Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, the Healthy Harbor Initiative has seen strong support from the public for its efforts to clean up the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. A large machine that operates on solar and hydro power to collect garbage from the local river, Mr. Trash Wheel has become a staple talking point around town. Because the device operates optimally during heavy storm conditions when the water flow is strong, the Healthy Harbor Initiative set out to give remote viewership of the action taking place.


Axis partner Skyline Technology Solutions assisted the Healthy Harbor Initiative in implementing an outdoor-ready and vandal-resistant AXIS P3384-VE Network Camera aboard the Water Wheel. The team pulls the stream back to its data center to then distribute on the Wheel’s website for viewers to live stream 24/7.


Reaction to the camera stream has been overwhelmingly positive. Not only has the Axis camera withstood strong weather conditions including being completely submerged underwater without losing power or connection, it has drummed up interest for fundraising and led to the construction of a second Wheel at another point on the river. Fans of the project capture unique objects coming through each day, and Mr. Trash Wheel has become a big hit across social media thanks to the images from its camera.

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