Airport takes Axis cameras under its wings

Wisconsin airport uses video analytics to detect unusual foot traffic patterns in concourses

“The exit lane technology is such an important setup for us. It would be very costly to have to staff someone at the exit lane literally 20 hours a day. For the cost of the Axis cameras and Agent Vi’s analytic platform, the payoff for us is probably less than one year.” Tom Miller, Director, Green Bay-Austin Straubel International Airport.


Serving over 1 million residents in northeast Wisconsin and much of the Midwest, the Green Bay-Austin Straubel International Airport (GRB) faces the same safety and security challenges encountered at transportation hubs nationwide. Between insider threats, TSA challenges and concourse security, public safety officials have their hands full when it comes to the nearly 350,000 passengers that fly out of GRB annually.


One major concern for airports is the direction and flow of exit lanes, those being the path that passengers take after they disembark and head out toward baggage claim and land transportation options. Harnessing Axis network cameras with Milestone’s XProtect® VMS, GRB integrates an analytics platform from Agent Vi to help detect individuals moving against the flow of traffic or if somebody entered through theexit of the concourse without proper credentials, thus posing a serious security threat.


GRB successfully maintains a selection of Axis fixed, PTZ and thermal cameras to keep the peace at the airport for travelers and preserve the safe and secure environment. Though the cameras have assisted in resolving countless incidents at the parking lot, terminal building or front entrances, those have remained low risk events such as attempts to defraud the parking revenue control system and slip-and-fall occurrences. The airport has upheld an extremely safe environment and continues to grow and expand in new business.

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