Axis helps organization care for young minds

An access control and network camera solution gives staff at the Italian Home for Children comfort as they serve the community

“[Using the AXIS A1001 Door Controllers] is very smooth and very easy. It has become a vital part of our HR system to use AXIS Entry Manager as needed to grant individuals unique access as they need it. It is very comforting to easily turn off access for any individual badge as well, knowing that it is not like a key that can be duplicated behind our backs.” Dr. Alan Jacobson, CEO, Italian Home for Children.


Seeking additional security measures to protect its facilities serving urban youth just south of Boston, the Italian Home for Children had its eyes on both access control and surveillance cameras to strengthen its sense of safety. The inefficient practice of changing out keys and locks each time an employee left the facility was not only time-consuming but also created security issues if keys were duplicated without the agency knowing it. Answering the front door caused nervousness without any tangible way of seeing who was there.


The Italian Home deployed an Axis physical access control solution along with a variety of Axis indoor and outdoor network cameras that are all meant to boost security efforts. The network door controllers allow the Italian Home to easily add and remove access for individuals to the facility or certain spaces within, while the cameras outside of the main entrance give staff a bold view of who is not only approaching the doors but also who may be near or around the property.


Staff have found continued success with their access control system that requires just the scanning of an ID badge at the doors rather than an old-fashioned key and lock to gain entry into the buildings. The Italian Home realized cost savings quickly with this method, as there is no additional cost associated with switching out an employee’s access through their card rather than worrying about who may have taken and copied a key into the facility. The organization is happy to report reinforced security habits that allow staff to keep focus on the wellbeing of the individuals in attendance.

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