Trusting Axis to keep out animal intruders

Zena Communications utilizes Axis network cameras and Jemez analytics in custom bird deterrence solutions

“We needed the best resolution for the price. We also needed a camera that had an input switch so that we could open and close the circuit to the speakers, plus it needed to fit in a birdhouse. AXIS P1427-E fit perfect for the need.” Jody McLaughlin, Owner, Zena Communications.


Initially approached to get rid of frequent gatherings of birds around a residential swimming pool, Jody McLaughlin and his team at Zena Communications began brainstorming ideas to address such a common but unaddressed dilemma. McLaughlin and his team were familiar with camera and analytic combinations and solutions, it was only a matter of determining the best match to solve the problem.


Zena’s initial plan relied on an Axis camera working in conjunction with motion detection and a set of speakers that would trigger upon movement. With a selection of false alarms, the team had to rethink the process. Tasked with protecting a pond on a vast property from birds consuming all of the fish in the water, Zena took steps to identify a top-of-the-line analytic to increase the accuracy of the solution. Using a custom version of Jemez Technology’s Eagle-i Edge®, Zena was able to configure a highly successful technology combination to scare off the herons using an Axis camera, Jemez analytic and further sound equipment.


Looking at recent results, the end user has over a 92% success rate utilizing this custom solution by Zena. He is able to access the camera feed on his property using AXIS Camera Companion’s mobile client and the cost of replenishing fish in his pond has dropped significantly. When the analytic is activated, 10 still shots are taken and automatically emailed to him, giving the end user the capability of tracking the action right in his backyard.

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