Boulogne Calais Port migrates its security system to IP for greater effectiveness

An open, custom system that evolves

“Our new security system is very reliable. It eliminates uncertainty for our officers and allows them to react better to keep operations going for our customers.” Jean-Michel Roussel, head of security, Boulogne Calais Port.


With more than 10 million passengers and 43 million tons of merchandise coming through each year, the Boulogne Calais Port is France’s number one passenger port and number four for freight. To ensure the safety of passengers, ship’s pilots and freight, the company Société d’Exploitation des Ports du Détroit (SEPD), which runs the Boulogne Calais Port, wanted to improve the performance of its analog surveillance system to prevent attempted break-ins and keep operations running smoothly.


Eryma, experts in custom integration solutions for security systems, were hired by SEPD in 2015 to set up a new state-of-the-art security system that was compatible with the previous installations — supply, configuration and commissioning. An Axis Partner and an Elite Partner of Genetec Inc., Eryma designed and installed a hybrid system in six months. It includes an Omnicast surveillance system from Genetec, 120 Axis network cameras and encoders, of which 20 are thermal cameras connected to the Activity Detection application from Acic for perimeter protection. In parallel with the video surveillance system, access protection and control devices (40 controllers and 160 readers installed by Eryma) have allowed the Boulogne Calais Port to provide security for the users and operators of the port at the Calais facilities.


The security system fully meets the operator’s technical and operational requirements. The image quality, integration into the supervisor with no time delay, ease of use and automatic alarm relay are a real help to the operators. The functionality lets them anticipate dangerous situations faster and prioritize interventions by the patrols.

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