Perimeter protection pioneer on campus

Setting a role model for campus security—Rixin Elementary School creates a safer campus with Axis

“By sharing our own experience, we hope to become a success reference to other schools and further enhance the security awareness. Meanwhile, we’re pleased that, after communicating our needs with Axis, they offered a highly efficient solution which fulfilled our expectation within the budget.” Sheng-wei Wang, Director of General Affairs, Rixin Elementary School.


As campus security has become a heated topic in recent years, Rixin Elementary School in Taipei has paid more attention to it. With its well-practiced IT infrastructure, this century-old school aimed to install a new network video surveillance system based on its structured cabling. The school hoped to improve campus surveillance and real-time alerts, which would allow security guards and staff to monitor real-time videos easily and react swiftly to any potential incident. As a result, what Rixin needed was a campus surveillance solution which offered the best video quality and allowed the users to manage easily and respond proactively.


Outdoor-ready bullet-type Axis cameras with IR LED were installed on the school fence as well as inside the campus. With AXIS Camera Station video management software, the school has created an effective and complete perimeter protection. AXIS Camera Station supports a convenient mobile viewing app, which allows users to watch live view or playback on their mobile phones, providing the real time safety protection. Meanwhile, the system setup and fine-tuning can be done in a snap via the simple, intuitive operation interface, allowing the school to perform the security management task in a more efficient manner.


Compared to the traditional analog system, the Axis network video system provides superior image quality with much higher resolution. Axis network cameras’ performance remains excellent even at night or in bad weather. Meanwhile, the system becomes more efficient and flexible for management. It not only allows broader administration rights, but also enables real-time monitoring and immediate response by authorized users to access the system via Internet anywhere on campus.

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