Saving lives with IP video

Recorded training optimizes clinical processes and medical staff training

“We tested a number of cameras from different manufacturers. We considered it particularly important to be able to transmit multiple video streams without delay or disturbance. In addition, good image quality is a must so that small details can be viewed as necessary. The network cameras from Axis have met all of our requirements and have now also passed the practical test with flying colors.” Joachim Hilbrand, SIMStation.


In medical emergencies, split-second decisions often make the difference between life and death for a patient. Every move has to be right; there’s no time for mistakes. Truth be told, 60% of all incidents in emergency situations can be traced back to non-technical causes, such as a team leader giving vague instructions or poor team management. In such cases, a professional audio video system for simulations and proper training of specialized staff may very well be a lifesaver.


With a video-based training solution from SIMStation, healthcare professionals are extensively trained and thereby prepared for various medical procedures and emergency situations through use of simulation and video monitoring. The simulation can take place in a familiar work environment or in a training center. The hardware used to run the system consists of Axis cameras, monitors and microphones. The software used to control the system has been developed by SIMStation.


The Austrian company developed both a mobile and a stationary station for training purposes because experience is of the utmost importance in the medical field. This is the only way to learn and firmly root maneuvers, test out procedures (even under the most difficult of conditions), acquire knowledge and ensure the optimal course of treatment. In day-to-day hospital work, experience is usually gained through direct encounters with patients. Inexperienced staff may inadvertently make mistakes. To prevent this, the Viennese company SIMStation has a developed a preinstalled, out-of-the-box simulation solution for training purposes, which is ready for use in no time.

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